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Day-Date Ammonite dial

The Beautiful Watch opinion

Ever heard of Ammonities? They're prehistoric extinct relatives of sea creatures like the mondern Nautilus (no, not the Patek). They only exist today as fossils. Rolex at times regales us by beating their brains to find original materials for Day-Date dials, and here's a perfect example: a dial created in Ammonitie!!! Obviously each example is different and unique, since nature is the master here. In a book by Pucci Papaleo about the most beautiful Day-Date models you'll see an example with this kind of dial. But believe me our model is really superb! So if you can find the model with a dial made from a mammoth's eye, which I've been searching for since forever, I'm OK if you want to make an exchange. :)


Ref : 18208

Year : 1999

Movement : Automatic

Diameter : 36 mm

Case material : Yellow gold

Bracelet : Yellow gold

49 000 €