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Tuna Professional 600 very rare vintage diver watch

The Beautiful Watch opinion

This vintage Seiko diver is made of PVD and one of the watches sold during its era for twice the cost of a Rolex 5513!!!  We all know that Seiko divers from the '70s are rare, and often totally undervalued. The are true works of art, particularly when you compare them to mythic Japanese cars of the '60s and '70s that will now cost you over a million euros to buy. This piece is at once beautiful and original, but also directly recalls the formidable technique and creativity of Japanese watchmaking of the period. These watches are simply historic!


Ref : 6159 - 7010

Year : 1976

Movement : Automatic

Diameter : 50 mm

Case material : Titanium

Bracelet : Rubber

7 600 €